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Matthew Crehan

15 Tips To Increase Website Conversion Rate

Optimising your firm's conversion rate can gain big support from those at the top, as you ensure that your website and marketing efforts are focused on delivering new cases for your legal firm. And with this awesome list of 15 quick and simple tips you can begin increasing your conversion rate today.

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  1. A/B test your call-to-action across the different offers your legal firm has, from downloading an eBook to giving a free 30 minute consultation.
  2. Keep your landing pages clear of navigation and links that don’t serve a purpose. You want your visitors to stay on that page untill they’ve completed the form and are taken to the thank you page.
  3. Include as few fields as possible. When asking for information in a form only ask for what you need and make sure that information is proportioned to what you are offering.
  4. Spread your testimonials across your legal site. Put testimonials alongside blogs and the services you offer don’t just stuff them on a single page.
  5. Use the rule of three! Can your visitors get to the information they need in three clicks ? If not make it happen.
  6. Utilise whitespace to let your copy breathe and draw attention to key areas like your call-to-action buttons.
  7. Keep your most important information above the fold so that your reader’s eyes are directed towards exactly what you want them to see.
  8. Create claimant personas, based on research and understanding of your target audience, so you can focus your CRO campaign to exactly who matters.
  9. Make sure your entire process flows smoothly, from landing on your legal site, browsing and reading your content, to getting in touch.
  10. Experiment and test with colours, placement of items and wording. Never stop tweaking and trying new ways to improve your website.
  11. Long copy can work to continually motivate visitors to keep reading but you need to make sure it’s all relevant so remove any tangents and fluff.
  12. Address any complaints whether it is on your website, social channels or email. With online communities it’s easy for bad press to spread quickly.
  13. Use visual tools like videos to help humanise your legal firm and show the people behind your legal brand.
  14. Create dedicated landing pages for all your campaigns.
  15. Include subscriber and social media follower numbers (if they are good), as just like testimonials social proof helps to build trust and reduce anxiety in your visitors.

 Download our Legal CRO eBook

There you go fifteen tips to help you start increasing your legal firm's conversion rate today.

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