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PPC can be a great way to increase leads and revenue for your legal firm. Allowing you to reach your client persona through targeted keywords and provide a high level of awareness due to appearing at the top of search result pages. One study found that firms that have both a paid ad and an organic search result showing on a results page increase click-through-rate by up to 50%. In the rest of this blog we’ll look at three other fantastic advantages PPC can have for your legal firm.

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 3 Advantages PPC can have for your legal firm

Measure and analyse performance easily

With PPC your firm can easily measure the performance and results of your campaigns. Tools like Google Adwords provide you with a dashboard which allows you to gauge and measure pretty much every aspect of your PPC campaigns.

By giving you such a clear overview of the performance of your ads, such as number of impressions, clicks, cost and conversions, you can understand why certain ads perform well while others don’t, allowing you to optimise those under performing ads or simply pause them and focus your ad spend on the better performing ads.


Pay per click

From a marketing budget perspective, though legal PPC terms can be highly competitive (get some great tips to overcome this here), you only pay per click. So by having a clear persona outline which allows you to precisely target your PPC campaigns, you can expect those clicks to have a high conversion rate and a great return on investment.

Also, and quite an easy paid advertising strategy to get buy-in from the board for, is re-targeting campaigns. Here you target users that have already been on your legal site, through the tracking of a cookie, and again only paying when your ad is clicked. And in this case, those clicks will only be from returning visitors, with studies finding that 70% of retargeted clients are more likely to convert than those coming to your site through a paid ad for the first time.


Highly targeted

Another advantage of PPC for your law firm is that it can be highly targeted to your ideal clients. Unlike SEO where you optimise content and pages with the hope that they will rank in search engines for your desired search terms, PPC gives you full control. PPC allows you to target specific short and long tail terms that you know your ideal clients are searching for and appear at the top of search results for them. And by using engaging ad copy and a strong call-to-action your ads can drive new clients to your legal website.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

 So there you go three impressive advantages that PPC can have for your legal firm, helping you to generate new business through strong digital marketing tactics which are highly targeted and aimed at your ideal clients.

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