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Where Would A Call To Action Overlay Show? What Is A Call To Action On A Website?

Your calls-to-action (CTAs) are not just to be placed at the end of your blog or on adverts. There are many placing your CTAs should feature both around your site and within existing content campaigns.

We’ve shared 3 areas you’re probably not placing your CTAs - but should be!

3 areas you're not placing your CTAs but should be

Your offer thank you pages

When someone downloads one of your offers, they’re usually taken to a dedicated thank you page, thanking them for downloading the offer and perhaps some next steps they’re needing to take. Whether that’s notifying them they will receive an email with the guide inside, or whether you’ve got a button on this page for the user to access this content offer directly.

This is the perfect time to promote another, relevant content offer. Preferably an offer that will push this user a little further into the marketing funnel.

Your product pages

Your product pages should always have a call-to-action, with the most popular being ‘contact us’ or ‘get in touch’. Whilst they could be good CTAs if the person looking at your services is currently researching service or product opportunities, it might not apply to those users at the top of the funnel. It’s a good idea to have a relevant content offer CTA on these pages, to encourage the user to learn most about this particular service or product.

Testing which CTAs perform the best is a great way to keep your CTAs fresh and relevant for your audience.

Within your existing content offers

When creating your content offers, you need to think about referencing any other relevant content offers that will only enhance the user’s experience with your business. Promoting one offer inside another will help you boost your other offer conversion rates even when you’ve only been focusing on actively promoting one.

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