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Helen Jackson

Digital Marketing Christmas | Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas

We all make mistakes throughout the year when it comes to our marketing campaigns, but that’s how we make future campaigns stronger and generally, more successful. But, with all eyes on your fashion brand around the Christmas period, you can’t afford to slip up and make big mistakes.

So, we’ve gathered together some of the biggest Christmas campaign mistakes and how you can avoid them this year, (and hopefully, throughout years to come too!).

3 biggest Christmas campaign mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Lack of measurement strategy

You can do all the planning in the world, even a year ahead of your Christmas campaign, if you like, but if you’ve got no measurement strategy in place to actually measure the success of your campaign, then how will you know which campaign aspects you can improve upon? Campaign measurement is crucial for any campaign, but when it comes to Christmas campaigns, it’s even more important, it only happens once a year and it’s probably one of your busiest times of the year, so don’t waste it.

Marketing to everyone

Just because Christmas time is when a lot of UK consumers spend copious amounts of money, doesn’t mean you should just start marketing your Christmas campaign to everyone. Believe us, we know it can be very tempting, but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. You need to think past Christmas. By targeting your marketing throughout the festive period, the chances of those customers coming back to buy from you again are much higher than if you’d targeted every UK consumer with your campaign.

Diluting your campaign

You need to just focus on your Christmas campaign if you want it to gain increased exposure and traction. The more constant and consistent your Christmas message is, the more your campaign will become unified. You need to create a memorable campaign, one that gets tongues wagging, generating a stream of sales. So, refrain from sending out random, non-Christmas-related emails to customers, don’t further dilute your campaign with off-the-wall social posts or blog posts, and stick to your Christmas campaign!

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