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Ecommerce Checkout Conversion Rate Optimization

Obtaining a conversion for your e-commerce site, is all about getting the user to that all-important checkout stage. Without implementing a site-wide banner in desperation with the words ‘please buy from us’, you need to subtly, yet continually, amend aspects of your website, making sure that the end of the purchasing journey is straightforward for all your visitors.

So, how can you make a conversion more likely? We’ve gathered some of the best tips from some of the biggest fashion brands to help guide you into conversion rate paradise.

3 checkout conversion strategies to steal from big brands

No account needed for checkout at Liberty London

Making the checkout process as short as possible for the user should be of high importance to any fashion brand. The department store Liberty London ensures their users’ experience is as short and as pleasant as possible with their conversion strategy. With most brands making account creation compulsory before purchase, Liberty London’s approach to a guest checkout is almost refreshing. A simple note highlighting that the user can create an account after purchase if they wish to do so. This is a nice, gentle way to encourage the user, if they were to purchase from Liberty again, that creating an account would ensure a faster checkout process next time.

Vivienne Westwood’s delayed checkout window

It can be off putting when you’re browsing a website and the words ‘add to basket’ and ‘purchase now’ are blocking the screen, sometimes impairing the product images. Once you arrive on your chosen Vivienne Westwood product page, you aren’t immediately harassed with any purchasing messages. Instead, a small window from the side opens to let the user know you can add the product to your bag there. You can close the screen and it doesn’t bother you again. Most importantly, as a brand, you've already let the customer know where everything they need is, so just let them browse!

Ralph Lauren’s ‘may we recommend’ section

Ralph Lauren make the standard recommended products section that bit easier through their conversion strategy. Once you’ve added an item to your bag, just below the fold sits their ‘may we recommend’ section. Each recommended item has a handy ‘add to bag’ button directly below it. The less clicks between browsing and checkout, the more likely a visitor is to convert into a customer. So, why don’t you try adding direct ‘add to bag’ call-to-action buttons to your recommended products? Ralph Lauren also help their customers browse a little more by adding an ‘other customers also viewed’ scroll feature below their recommendation section. 

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