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Helen Jackson

Christmas Sales Strategies | Christmas Marketing Tips

Whether you’re a little late with your strategy planning this Christmas, or you’re already thinking about next Christmas! It’s important to keep trying different approaches to your Christmas marketing campaigns, otherwise something you never thought to try might work wonderfully well!

We’ve gathered together the below 3 Christmas strategies for your brand to try this year. Good luck!

3 Christmas strategies your brand must try

Write succinct, unique and creative ad copy

Utilising both paid and organic search campaigns in the lead up to the festive period is a must. In fact, if you’re not utilising these two digital channels in particular, then you really aren’t shouting very loud about your fashion brand at all! To fully optimise these channels you need to write unique and creative advert copy for each and every ad. Yes, it’s very time-consuming, but if you were to roll out generic ad copy against your unique tailored copy, you’ll witness the difference immediately.

Make sure your copy is short and sweet and spread your Christmas campaign message nice and clearly.

Offer time-sensitive offers

Offering a time-sensitive offer any time of the year can work really well, there’s no harm in giving your customers a gentle nudge toward the checkout. Around Christmas however, it can work superbly. Given that Christmas Day only gets closer and closer, the panic feeling can be overwhelming for customers in this countdown. Giving them the chance to get a bargain in time for Christmas is an offer a lot of customers would jump at. Particularly if that offer is relating to your buyer persona’s specific wants and needs. Perfect.

Keep it relevant

Keeping your Christmas messages relevant, and particularly specific to your buyer persona can be difficult. It can be tempting to send out mass emails to anyone and everyone. But by engaging in this wide-spread, scatter gun approach to your Christmas campaign, you’re diluting the quality of marketing, inevitably leading to a database full of people who never intend to buy from you again. Even though it’s Christmas, you want to aim to retain any new customers you capture through this period. Then you’ll know that in January when it comes to drip marketing and nurturing those new customers, you’ve got a higher chance of converting their visits into custom for a second time!

Make sure you maximise the chances of increased revenue this Christmas by downloading our Christmas marketing guide here.

Increase your brand's Christmas revenue with this guide

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