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Helen Jackson

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve said it before, but making mistakes is how you learn and develop your fashion brand’s marketing strategy. We thought we’d help steer you on the right path! So, we’ve pulled together our top 3 common digital marketing mistakes your brand needs to avoid.

Buying third party data

Even if your mailing list comprises of only 10 organic newsletter sign-ups, buying third party data is still a massive no. Firstly, those 10 people wanted to hear from you, so they care what your brand has to say. Secondly, buying data lists and then emailing that list promoting your new products, will increase your unsubscriber rate and dramatically decrease your open rate and undoubtedly, your click through rate also. When you’re purchasing the data, how sure are you that it’s reliable? Have old email addresses been removed to decrease your hard bounce rate? Probably not. So, save yourself some time and money and concentrate on building your email list organically. Take it from us, you’ve got more chances of increasing your conversions this way.

Social following for follow-back

Following anyone in the hope for a follow-back is pretty bad social media practice. Why would you want just anyone to follow you and read your tweets? Following random people for a follow-back means those people aren’t even relevant to your fashion brand, and have absolutely no interest in your products whatsoever. Just as you’re targeting your other marketing tactics at a specific audience, you should continue to target a specific audience through social media marketing also. So, try to engage with your target market and encourage them to follow you, you’ll see higher and more relevant interactions.

Writing for search engines

This is a mistake many businesses are making, time and time again. We all understand how much of an impact content marketing can have on our businesses, but what you need to understand, is the balance of keywords to quality, relevant content. You primarily need to write your fashion brand’s blog, product descriptions etc. for your customers. You’re wanting to entice them with your highly relevant content, whether that’s making sure your customers know exactly what your product is about, or whether you’re communicating the hottest fashion trends of the year, keywords should be a secondary feature within your writing. No one will read your content if it's crammed with keywords.

Making all three of these mistakes? Don’t panic, we can help. Get in touch today and speak to our team of digital experts!

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