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Helen Jackson

Marketing Misconceptions | The Worst Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

There are many misconceptions surrounding fashion marketing, and marketing in general. Here we divulge our top 3 misconceptions that you need to stop believing in order to make your fashion brand’s digital channels a success!

3 common misconceptions about fashion marketing

As long as you’re engaging in marketing, there’s no need to document it

According to Marketing Land, a massive 44% of B2C marketers said they had a marketing strategy in place, but they don't bother documenting it! If you don’t document your marketing efforts, online or offline, how will you know how to improve future strategies and how do you analyse which tactics have delivered the best and worst results? If you want to compete in the fashion industry, you must analyse your past strategies to determine what the future looks like for your brand. Remain competitive and document that plan!

You don’t need to market to current customers, only prospective ones

Just because they’re a customer at the moment, doesn’t mean they’re definitely planning to purchase your products in the near future, or ever again! You need to make your customers feel valued, after all it is repeat custom you’re aiming for, right? Finding out what your customers are looking for can help you mold your customer experience, and in turn increase the chance of customer retention. Creating focus groups or sending out an incentivised customer survey, can help you gather important data that can start to inform your strategy going forwards.

Marketing ends at the marketing department, the rest of the business don’t have a role to play

Even though your marketing department will handle the bulk of marketing activities, the budget etc. The rest of the business also plays a huge part in the success of your marketing. From your store assistants all the way through to your social media customer service representatives. Each member of your fashion brand has an important role to play. For example in social media customer service, if your representatives don’t have brand guidelines to adhere to, your brand’s personality won’t shine through, and likewise with your store assistants. It’s important that all departments have an open channel of communication, from knowledge of corporate objectives, to company brand values and more.

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