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Helen Jackson

3 common misconceptions about PPC in the legal sector

There are many misconception surrounding PPC regardless of sector, but with over nine years’ experience working closely with many law firms, we’ve combined 3 of the most common misconceptions about PPC in the legal sector.

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It’s easy to manage a PPC account

We’re not telling you is not doable, but many firms are under the impression that PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, is an easy channel to manage. We’ve come across many law firms who have just continued investing in PPC every month and hope for the best return possible. PPC requires dedication, timely testing and continuous optimisation, if it is to return the highly-relevant results your firm strives to achieve.

 If you don’t initially see the results you want, this channel isn’t for you

Even though PPC marketing can return results faster than most channels, if you’re not at the prime spot for paid search ads, this doesn’t mean your campaign isn’t working. There is a large volume of competition within the legal sector, so don’t give up just because you’re nowhere to be seen in the top three positions. Did you know that according to WordStream, the keyword ‘lawyer’ is in the top 20 most expensive keyword categories, positioned at number 6? So don’t lose momentum, you’ll get the results you want eventually!

If you target loads of different keywords, you’ll receive loads of traffic

What your firm needs to concentrate on, is quality over quantity. We’ve said this numerous times but it’s true; you don’t want to drive unnecessary traffic to your site. You need to concentrate on the keywords your personas are searching for. If you continue to mass-market through your PPC channel, you will end up wasting a lot of money and effort chasing people who are never going to convert. A high volume of visitors to your website doesn’t mean your campaign was successful, measure against your goals and KPIs, did you reach your goal? If you haven’t, it’s time to re-evaluate your keyword research.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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