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Helen Jackson

Mobile Marketing Mistakes & Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

It’s important for your fashion brand to be able to connect with your audience regardless of device or channel. But there are many common mistakes that can easily be avoided when building your mobile strategy. Check out our webinar for more in-depth information surrounding the importance of mobile marketing in ecommerce, sign up here!

So we’ve collected 3 common mobile strategy mistakes fashion brands continue to make, below!

3 common mobile strategy mistakes

Making the same site changes across both mobile and desktop sites

It might save you time and effort, but, if you’re mobile site design hasn’t been separately thought out, then you could end up increasing your mobile site bounce rates and ultimately decreasing your conversion rate. If you truly want to connect with your mobile customers, you need to carefully design every element of your mobile site through your customers’ eyes. If you find this difficult, it could be a good idea to get a focus group full of your mobile customers involved in the testing process.

Simply forgetting about your other customers

Building your mobile plan can be a new and exciting development for your fashion brand’s strategy but, even though it’s important that your brand appeals and connects with the mobile customer, it’s also equally important to continue to appeal to your wider customer base. This might sound obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in everything mobile. We suggest you take a look at the amount of traffic your site is receiving through the various channels, and allocate time for each channel accordingly.

Going against the data you've collected

You’ve collected data for a reason, so use it wisely. Data can help you inform your future strategies, giving substance and meaning to your chosen campaign route or buying habits. Understanding customer behaviour is key to delivering a superior mobile user experience. If you’re looking to truly connect with your mobile customers, check out our eBook, now!

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