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Andy Donaldson

Omni Channel In Fashion Retail | What is Omni Channel Fashion Retail

Mistakes can crop up anywhere, we’re all human after all. But there are common mistakes that we can help you try and avoid, so we’ve picked our top 3 common omni-channel strategy mistakes. We hope you take note and manage not to replicate them in your fashion strategy!

3 common omni-channel strategy mistakes

Trying to adopt too many social channels

Keeping on top of new social channels can be difficult, they pop up so frequently. But you don’t want to start setting up new social accounts here, there and everywhere. Have you addressed the most basic questions, such as, how you’re going to target your market through this new channel? Is there a way of monetising it? And most importantly, are you able to integrate it into your new omni-channel marketing strategy? You should know the answer to those questions before you start marketing through, or even setting up this new account.

Having no measurement strategy

You’ve implemented your omni-channel strategy, and it’s working well, or so you think. You haven’t got any system of measurement in place, so you can’t be sure the sales are definitely a result of the new strategy. It is just as important to have a solid measurement strategy in place. Being able to pinpoint exactly what is working well as a result of your new strategy is imperative. The results will help inform your future strategies, ultimately helping you continually deliver a superior customer experience. Think about dedicated team update meetings and implementing key performance indicators (KPIs), this way you’ll know if the strategy is on track to deliver your main objectives!

Excluding staff members

Everyone’s opinion should matter in your company. Particularly when you’re implementing a cross-channel and cross-device strategy. For your business to successfully deliver an omni-channel strategy, everyone needs to know what they’re doing and what the company’s objectives are. You’ll have gathered together a group of people from different areas of the business acting as your core project team, but it’s important you don’t exclude the wider staff members. Your sales team, particularly front line store staff and also online customer service teams, are in contact with your customers every day. They can become your most important asset, they are the key to unlocking fantastic customer service and overall.

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