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Andy Donaldson

Marketing Strategies That Work

Wouldn’t you love to know some tried and tested content marketing strategies that just work? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together our top 3 content marketing strategies that we think your law firm should try. Even if you’ve thought about employing some or all of the following, or perhaps you’ve employed some of these strategies historically, it might be worth revisiting them with a structured and continuous approach to see if they do really work for your firm.

Remember, content marketing isn’t an inbound methodology that generates instantaneous results, you need to stick with it!

Make your USP visible

Create personas

Creating target personas for your firm is a perfect content marketing strategy but, we don’t just mean, create them and put them to one side, it’s the continual use of these personas that really makes the winning content marketing strategy. Knowing exactly who you’re creating content for, knowing exactly what that persona wants in a law firm is the ultimate marketing knowledge. So, what’s stopping you? Start creating your personas.

Make your USP visible

Making your USP visible throughout your content marketing activities can be a great strategy to adopt for your firm. What makes you unique could set you above your competitors, you know about your USP but is your audience actually aware of it? Whether your firm is offer exceptional service, competitive pricing, or the most awards in the country, you need to start spreading the word. Don’t make your USP the focal point of your campaign, just subtly mentioning it here and there could help boost your awareness and overall company perception more than you realise.

Reinforce trust

A survey commissioned by the Legal Services Consumer Panel revealed that only 47% of people surveyed trusted lawyers to tell the truth. Whether your firm is trustworthy, or not, could be a big deciding factor for your customers. Think about reinforcing trust through your campaigns through the use of customer testimonials, and don’t forget to display them clearly on your website, also.

Could you use some more content marketing tips? Download this eBook specific for the legal sector.

9 content marketing tips for the legal sector

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