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Fashion Hashtags | Hashtags For Clothing & Fashion Brands #Hashtags

According to Life Hack, the first use of a hashtag was through the Twitter platform back in 2007 by Chris Messina. And since his hashtag #barcamp, they’ve started to crop up everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus. So how can you best utilise them for your fashion brand? We’ve put together 3 creative ways to use hashtags for your business!

3 creative ways your fashion brand can use #hashtags

Measure your social campaigns

If you’re thinking of starting a social media campaign to drive revenue to a particular section on your site, why not create your very own hashtag? You don’t have to include your brand name in the hashtag, but it certainly helps. Topshop caused a storm with their Instagram campaign which encouraged users to share their best styles using #TopshopWindow. Next’s #NextLingerie event hashtag on Twitter, received great traction and has, to date, generated a social reach of over 200,000. Using a specific hashtag can help your brand keep track of mentions, it’s much quicker than trawling the entire platform!

Keep on-top of social trends

The trends on Twitter are updated in real time by an algorithm and tell you exactly how many people have posted about those particular trending topics. Your fashion brand can utilise these trends by jumping on the back of the popular but relevant trending hashtags to help increase your brand awareness. Using sites such as hashtags.org, you can view an hour by hour trend graphic for a particular keyword. A great tool to help you figure out the popularity pattern of certain hashtags.

Unify your social customer service

Dedicating a specific hashtag to encourage your customers to use within their messages, can help you easily keep track of all customer enquiries and complaints. Better still, if your brand receives a high volume of enquiries and complaints through your Twitter account, create a dedicated customer service Twitter account and utilise the hashtag. Promoting the hashtag on your company account biography will help inform customers that it’s available for customer service enquiries.

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