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Andy Donaldson

CRO Tips | Best CRO Tips for Insurance Conversion Rate

According to a survey conducted by Econsultancy, 59% of company respondents said that CRO is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy. Testing is what helps you identify which elements of your website you should change in order to increase policy volume, so we’ve gathered three CRO tips we think your insurance brand should take notice of.

CRO tips your insurance brand should take notice of

Test the colours of your calls-to-action

According to a test conducted by HubSpot, red triumphed over green in a call-to-action (CTA) A/B colour test. Testing small and seemingly insignificant elements like these can help you determine whether you’re truly getting the most out of your calls-to-action. Simply amending the colour of the button can considerably increase your click-through rate and subsequently increase your conversion rate, too.

Your calls-to-action are usually the only elements connecting the user to your landing page, so they have a large part to play when it comes to making sure your user makes it all the way to converting on your insurance site.

CRO is a continuous cycle, it’s not a task you simply tick off

If you don’t continuously practice CRO you’ll never reap the long-term benefits of it. You need to continue to evolve with your customer base and in order to evolve you need to stay on top of trends that potential affect your business. Trends include changes in shopping habits and new testing software.

Without this continuous cycle, you’ll only make minor improvements to your digital marketing strategy and you’ll never make any changes that will positively impact your bottom line.

If your CMS doesn’t allow you to make changes, you need to look into outsourcing

Many content management systems (CMS) make it difficult, or impossible, for most insurance companies to access the coding of their site. This means they are unable to run detailed conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tests as a result. At Hit Search, we use software that avoids the need to access this code, enabling us to implement new tests without having to make amends to the live site.

The only changes that need to then take place are those that have been proven to increase conversions and, therefore, policy volumes.

We’ve listed 6 common digital marketing mistakes made by insurance brands in this graphic - access and read them now!

6 deadly marketing mistakes made by insurance brands

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