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Helen Jackson

3 customer service issues solved by an omni-channel strategy

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for your fashion brand to succeed in this volatile, fast-paced industry. Implementing an omni-channel strategy can help strengthen your customer service offering which can help enormously with your customer retention rates. So, exactly what kind of issues can having an omni-channel strategy solve?

3 customer service issues solved by an omni-channel strategy

More convenient customer service channels

Cast your mind back a few years, when customer service was delivered mainly by telephone or email. Not only did you have to await a response normally spanning a 24-hour period, but calling customer services was inconvenient, particularly during working hours. With the additional channels of customer service now open for business, such as social media and live chat, this makes the customer experience a much more pleasant, hassle-free one. But it can become difficult for brands to effectively manage so many customer frustration outlets. Implementing an omni-channel strategy can not only help unify your brand message but it can also unify your outward-facing customer service channels. Offering the customer a seamless experience regardless of channel, means the customer can expect unified service across multiple touchpoints.

Easier customer transactions

Obviously, just having an ecommerce store checked this box, but being able to order online and collect for free in store the next day – in stores such as Next – is so much easier for the customer. This seamless cross-channel experience spreads to methods of payments also, with many brands including Missguided offering PayPal. Making transactions easier is what customers are expecting more and more of, you just have to look at the bar set by Amazon and their fingerprint checkout on their app to see this. Therefore, it’s important for your fashion brand to implement an omni-channel strategy in order to simply keep up if nothing else!

More structured customer service training programmes

Delivering a seamless customer experience will mean your departments and channels will have to start openly communicating with each other. Ensuring all customer service information and policy procedures are consistent and all staff are well-informed about your products and company objectives, will result in a stronger omni-channel strategy for your fashion brand. Staying on top of seamless customer experience is tricky, and can require a lot of investment, both in time, resources and money but, the results are worth it!

Want to understand more about implementing an omni-channel strategy for your brand? Download our step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing, now!

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