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Helen Jackson

Omni Channel Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing

If you’re aiming for an omni-channel retail brand, the benefits overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives. Even though building, implementing and measuring and monitoring your omni-channel strategy can be tough at first, once your brand has set up a cyclical measurement and tweaking process, it’ll be much easier to continue delivering this strategy that endeavours to deliver a seamless customer journey regardless of device or channel.

Here are 3 digital strategies for omni-channel success.

digital strategies for omni-channel success

Connect your in-store and online shopping experiences

According to Retail Touchpoints, more than 90% of consumers use their mobile phone when shopping in-store? To capitalise on this, brands are sending push notifications to the customer’s phone with deals and offers to use whilst they’re shopping in the physical store. This enhances the customer’s shopping experience it could also encourage them to come into their shop again for repeat custom.

Another way to connect your online shop with your bricks-and-mortar store is by encouraging online purchases in-store. For example, if you don’t have the product the customer is looking for, why not help them order it from your online store? Being able to offer this service in-store can help you keep hold of that customer, minimising the chances of them walking straight into the arms of a competitor!

Build a picture of your customer’s behaviour when purchasing

Analysing when your customers make a purchase, which channel they purchase through and exactly what they purchase, amongst other factors, can help your retail brand start to track trends in the way consumers are buying your products. Perhaps there’s a product that is really popular on your mobile channel, but it’s not as popular in your stores. This is where you can cross over your strategies, bringing the strategy that worked well online for this product into your stores.

Taking note of the times of day and days of the week your customers are purchasing your products, can also be very telling. If they’re buying more products on their mobile devices at 10pm, perhaps you could invest in paid social media tactics around this time to really capitalise on this. These tactics are very much trial and error but, if you don’t try, you won’t know!

Provide a valuable and consistent customer service

Great customer service is something we all remember as consumers; being taken care of as a customer can mean the difference between a one-time purchase and repeat custom. Small touches from big brands can go a long way; from birthday discounts to loyalty rewards, your brand should aim to offer a consistent, high-quality customer services across all channels and devices.

Read more about how your retail brand can become omni-channel, download our guide now!

A guide to omni-channel marketing

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