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Ecommerce & Social Networking: Ecommerce Social Media Best Practices

Social media has taken digital marketing to a whole new level, we all know that. And regardless of industry, your business can get its voice heard easier than ever before. But, for the fashion industry in particular, social media can become a fiercely competitive place. To try and make your mark in the social sphere, you need to experiment with strategies, particularly if you’re aiming to implement an omni-channel strategy. A seamless customer experience regardless of device or channel isn’t just delivered overnight!

So, check out these e-commerce social marketing tips you have to try!

3 e-commerce social marketing tips you have to try

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Tip #1 - Get involved with industry influencers

Whether your brand interacts with a high-fashion blogger or a fashion expert, getting involved with these influencers can help you build your brand awareness. Getting your brand seen and heard is a big priority – particularly across social media – so start following, sharing and commenting your way to higher brand visibility. Don’t be put off if you mention an influencer in your posts and they don’t acknowledge you, keep trying to engage with them, don’t just try it once and simply give up.

Tip #2 - Get your audience involved cross-channel

This is tough, but you’ll never get a high level of cross-channel engagement if you don’t try. Firstly, to really make this work, you need to differentiate all your social channels, what makes your Twitter account different to your Facebook account? If you’re sharing the exact same posts across all your social channels, you’ll never be able to truly manage cross-channel engagement. So map out your separate social strategies and then actively start encouraging your audience to discover all of your channels!

Tip #3 - Make it easy for the customer

It can be difficult to connect your users with your ecommerce store across social media. Simply pasting a link to a product isn’t engaging for your audience. Image-led platforms including Instagram and Pinterest are much easier to push your products through, with the image instantly catching your audiences’ eye and the ability to implement a like 2 buy link or using the ‘buy it’ button. But on other channels such as Twitter, you need to think about how useful the content you’re sharing is for your user. If you’re posting about a particular outfit, have you made sure it’s simple for the customer to find this product in your online store?

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