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Helen Jackson

Buyer Persona Research: The Ideal Buyer Persona

When building your firm’s buyer personas, you need to make sure they reflect your ideal (but realistic) customers, which is then backed up and is led by real data, whether it’s taken from your current clients’ journeys, on-site surveys, wherever you’re getting your data from, the results have to help you shape your buyer personas. So, with that point in mind, here are 3 elements every legal buyer persona should have.

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legal buyer personas

The ‘who’ element

This section should be made up with a hypothetical background of the persona, any demographics you feel are important and also any identifiers you can associate with them. For example, perhaps they have a preferred method of communication, email over a phone call. All these seemingly basic snippets of information help you build the foundations of your buyer personas.

The ‘what’ element

If you’re able to identify your persona’s goals and challenges, your firm can then offer a comprehensive solution to their problems through your marketing, attracting a higher number of relevant leads. Figuring out how you can help your personas achieve their goals and overcome their challenges is a critical part of the persona building process, it’s ultimately the beginning of your firm’s newly-focused marketing strategy.

The ‘why’ element

The why element can help your firm understand exactly why people will come to a law firm for legal services. Here you need to obtain real quotes from current customers. Obtaining real opinions the customer had prior to purchasing your service, can help you paint a picture of any knowledge gaps present on your site, whether your USP is clearly understood by your audience, or perhaps whether your USP resonates with your audience enough.

Find out the fourth and final element to building your legal buyer personas, by downloading our editable buyer persona templates, here.

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