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What Are The Elements of Content Strategy

Every marketer, regardless of sector, endeavours to deliver a successful campaign. Whether you’re delivering a social media campaign or a content marketing campaign, you should aim to learn from each, making the next campaign stronger so it delivers the results you’re after. Streamlining your strategy can take time, but once you’ve hit the nail on the head, you’ll start generating a high volume of relevant leads for your firm.

3 elements of a successful content strategy every law firm should know

Always have the end goal in sight

This should be the case for any campaign, but more so for content marketing. When you first sit down to brainstorm ideas for your strategy, you need to think about exactly what it is you want to achieve from content marketing. It’s important you don’t just solely focus on monetary gain from content marketing, it’s important you build awareness surrounding your firm, also. The more well-known your firm is within the legal space, the more likely it is you’ll generate organic leads from word of mouth and other organic methods of marketing.

Always market to a buyer persona

Another way your firm can ensure your strategies and campaigns stay focused, is to marketing specifically for a buyer persona. When you build your buyer personas, you start to really grasp a likeness of a realistic buyer, what their goals and challenges are, to what they might be searching for when trying to find a service like yours. All this information can help you focus all content marketing efforts, returning highly-relevant visitors to your site. P.S. Build your buyer personas from scratch with these FREE templates!

Make sure your website is ready for visitors

You can put all the time and effort you want into actively building a content marketing strategy, setting your goals and building your buyer personas, but if your site doesn’t deliver what the user is expecting to see, then they’ll bounce straight off. If, throughout your content marketing tactics, you talk about being a family-friendly law firm, for example, and then the user arrives at your site and you mention nothing about being family-friendly, you’re wasting your time.

5 killer creative content ideas for law firms infographic

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