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Helen Jackson

Best Fashion Ecommerce Websites | Free Responsive Fashion Website Examples Templates

You should always keep one eye on the competition, particularly for ideas when it comes to creating your mobile strategy! Sometimes just glancing at the competition can spark creativity within your internal teams. From website layout to functionality, we discuss 3 examples of successful mobile-responsive fashion sites, and highlight one thing we’d improve ourselves!

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Phase Eight

The Phase Eight site mirrors their elegant logo. It’s clean and Phase Eight mobile viewsimple, accentuated by the use of white space and the product images are also clean and easy to understand. The homepage is broken up nicely by different sized images and the icons used are globally recognised, with a bag symbolising your shopping bag. Perfect! The icons are also easily navigable with your thumb making the customer experience a pleasant one.

What would we change?

At a glance, we’d say the offers of ‘free UK delivery over £50’ along with the other two, look a little cluttered. When viewed on a desktop, these line up side by side, with plenty of space between each. In mobile view however, they look squashed and the eye isn’t immediately drawn to these USPs.


Avenue 32

Again, aAvenue 32 mobile view very aesthetically beautiful site. Their featured image shows off their clothing perfectly. The site is also of simplistic design on the product pages and with the help of stand-alone product images, the dresses really do speak for themselves. Their delivery USP is in clear view and is easy to understand. Avenue 32 help gently nudge the user into purchasing quicker by adding urgency to the end of their delivery offer, it’s only for a ‘limited time.’

What would we change?

When filtering the dresses, Avenue 32 offer a wide range of filter options, from dress type to colour and size, that’s great! On the desktop view, the filtering option is perfect, it’s when you view it on mobile it gets a little confusing (right). Most filtering options are shown after the list of other clothing, for example tops, skirts etc. The mobile user wouldn’t necessarily continue to scroll past the other clothing choices in order to find more filtering options. This could be made a little clearer and easier for the user to understand.



The Hobbs website uses fresh images to reflect the season Hobbs mobile site viewthroughout their featured homepage sections. Hobbs also make it easy for the mobile customer to sign up to their Together loyalty programme to receive 20% off. With a smart email field that automatically fills in for you, making filling out their sign-up form that little bit easier.

What would we change?

On the Hobbs desktop view, the site-wide banner ‘20% off when you sign up today’, alternates between that and a free UK delivery reminder. Making sure mobile users are also aware of this offer too could help increase their conversion rate.

Also, when the desktop user signs up to receive their 20% off for signing up to their loyalty programme, the benefits are listed to the right-hand side of the form, helping increase the chance of a form conversion. However, on the mobile view, there are no benefits in sight. Including these benefits could again help increase their mobile sign-up conversion rate further!

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