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Average Fashion Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Average fashion ecommerce conversion rate - The average conversion rate in the fashion industry of ecommerce websites is roughly between 1.5% to 2.1% based on data by IRP Intelligent Commerce. The conversion rate is also based on time of year where in December fashion websites hit their peak while it drops in other times of the year.

What is the definition of conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the number of purchases or another form of goal completion divided by the total number of sessions on your website. This also includes return sessions, because many users will take multiple sessions before deciding to purchase.

According to Thisismoney.co.uk, 3 out of 4 Britons now shop online. Although this is a large proportion, it’s not really all that shocking. With constant access to the internet via desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, Britain has certainly embraced technological advancement over the last few years. With so many fashion websites competing for custom, how do you make sure your conversion rates are as high as they possibly can be?

The global average conversion rate for websites is between 1% - 3%, but you may often see conversions rate lower and higher than these percentages due to a variety of reasons. This is no different in the fashion industry and you must make sure your website converts as many visitors as possible by carrying out some CRO best practices.

What is a good conversion rate for a fashion website?

If your website has a conversion rate of 2.6% or above, then you are in the top 20% of all fashion websites in converting your web traffic. If your fashion website has a conversion rate of 3.6% or higher, then you are in the top 10% which is really good and what we strive to tier your fashion website in!

What is a bad conversion rate for a fashion website?

If you have a conversion rate of 0.5%, that puts you in the worst 20% of fashion websites at converting your visitors. If you need to improve the conversion rate of your website, get in touch with our CRO experts, Hit Search Limited.

Hit Search are fashion CRO and fashion digital marketing experts with an amazing portfolio of current and past fashion ecommerce clients. Get in touch with us or explore our website first to see how we can increase your fashion ecommerce conversion rate and increase your revenue.

We think you can learn a few things from these three fashion giants: Jimmy Choo, Matchesfashion.com and Reiss. Check out the best conversion rates in the full article here!


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