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Great Content Marketing Examples | The Best Content Marketing Tips

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Content marketing is seeing a host of changes in 2016 some of this can be linked to the results found in a recent study by Microsoft, which showed that the online attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to only eight! Now that could be a serious issue for content marketers, however it doesn’t have to be, as it presents the opportunity to be even more innovative and creative with your legal firm’s storytelling, to make sure your content gets straight to the point. So here are our three greatest content marketing tips to help keep your claimants attention in 2016.

Content Marketing Tips for 2016

1. Visuals are more effective than text!

2016 continues the trend of 2015 with visitors to your website being far more interested in seeing what you have to say rather than reading it. So when planning your content ideas, consider how it can be put across in a more visual manner, for example if you’re discussing the symptoms of an injury, why not use an infographic like we did with our brain injury symptoms infographic. But remember, don’t neglect your copy as search engines like Google, won’t be able to read the content your images include, so make sure to add your image alt-tags and provide some copy on the page to explain what is in the visual, this can be as simple as having an introduction and summery paragraph.


2. Videos are still the next big thing!

Videos rose to dominance in 2015 accounting for over 50% of all mobile traffic, and that’s only going to continue in 2016 with the continued roll out of 4G andthe knowldge that 5G mobile networks are only a few years away. Video is also the number one online activity of millennials as well as ranking high for other generation segments, so it's a key form of content to be investing in. The difference in 2016 though is that video length will on average decrease, probably to match the six second drop in attention span. So think short 30 second videos and produce them natively for mobile and social channels.       


3. The contradiction

Though visual and video are going to be big in 2016, industry leaders such as John Lincoln, CEO and digital marketing teacher at the University of California believe long-form written content will also be valuable to your content marketing goals this year. This completely contradicts the idea of a fall in attention span, so why exactly will long-form content be valuable? Well simply put, it allows for claimant’s questions to be thoroughly answered. The other bonus of long-form content is they tend to outperform shorter content on social media. A study by Neil Patel (cofounder of KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout) found that on average content with over 1500 words received around 293 retweets and 75 likes compared to the 174 retweets and 59 likes that posts under 1500 words received. Obviously the issue with long-from content is that it is time consuming, so here it really helps your content marketing efforts to be focused on quality over quantity.      

9 content marketing tips for the legal sector


Well that’s three of our biggest content marketing tips for 2016 but why not check out our eBook: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector and get some more fantastic ideas for your practice.

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