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Helen Jackson

Law Firm Marketing Ideas | Content Marketing For Law Firms

We want to make sure your 2017 content marketing strategy is off to a flying start for your firm! That’s why we’ve shared 3 ideas to help inject your content marketing strategy with some creativity.

3 ideas for your law firm's content marketing strategy

Talk with the employees who deal directly with the clients

Taking the time to discuss your colleague’s past experiences with the firm’s clients; what the client wanted, what the most frequent barriers and problems they’ve come across with the client are, and also, what strategy they feel gets the best results from the prospects, is a really worthwhile task when building a picture of your persona. If you don’t bother to discuss their past experiences, you could end up going off on a completely unnecessary tangent and getting further away from your actual target audience.

Talking to your colleagues can also help inspire any new questions you can think to ask your current clients, all this initial groundwork can help you achieve a structured and more focused persona profile creation.

Make sure your content is visually engaging

Users are more likely to interact and engage with content that is visually interesting, it’s as simple as that. Investing in a good quality image provider and/or a design resource for creating infographics and other visual lead content pieces can help bring your firm’s content to life. Aiming to insert an image every 300 words or so, can help break up long pieces of text, encouraging the user to read on until the end.

A lot of mobile users and desktop users quickly scan content in order to consume the points that are most relevant to their needs. To ensure your content is easy to digest, consider using headers when necessary and bullet points in order to break that text up just that little bit more.

Re-purpose your older content

It’s a new year so think ‘new year, old content’ – why old content?! It seems a shame for all that energy and time to have gone into creating a piece that’s just going to show its face a handful of times! So go back through your catalogue of content, is there anything in there you can re-purpose? A great way to re-purpose a large guide, for example, is to copy all the interesting statistics across from the guide and create an infographic. To make use of this infographic further you could include an ‘embed’ code below the graphic, encouraging readers to share it on their own site or blog!

how to understand your potential legal clients

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