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Matthew Crehan

Legal Marketing Tips: Web Marketing For Law Firms

Marketing automation is now an integral part of many law firms’ marketing strategies, be it for content and social publishing, email or lead nurturing workflows. So check out these three legal marketing automation tips to help increase the efficiency of your firm today.

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Segmentation and Personalisation

With marketing automation one of the common mistakes that legal firms make is forgetting to personalise their content. So avoid this by segmenting your contact data into as diverse and personalised segments as possible. Look at prospective client’s positions in your lead nurturing funnel, their background, location and interests.

By utilising all of this data from your prospective clients you can produce personalised content, emails and social posts which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Research by Experian Marketing Services found that personalised emails have a 29% higher open rate and 41% higher unique click rate than those that aren’t personalised.


Simple emails

When it comes to the automation of your legal emails within your lead nurturing workflows it’s key to keep things simple.

Leave those elaborate HTML templates for your monthly newsletters or promotion e-shots and keep your automated emails as basic text with simple imagery. This simple email design will not only have a more personal touch but also work better across different devices, which is really important when you think that 70% of emails are now opened on mobile devices.

The text and image of your email should all lead to a single, strong and clear call-to-action.


Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

As with all your firm’s marketing strategies making sure you take the time to analyse and track your automated content performance is key.

By keeping a close eye on the performance of your automated content allows you to see what your legal audience engages with most, from open rates and CTR on emails to social interactions. And by using tracking codes you can build a map of your prospective client’s journey, from your automated content, be it an email, to downloading  a content asset, visiting a service page or even submitting that all important claim enquiry form.  

All of this information will help you to be effective and efficient when optimising your content, website and offline assets in the future to generate more leads for your firm.

Download our legal definitive guide to targeting your audience

By using all of these legal marketing automation tips you should be able to ensure your firm’s automation efforts are successful in generating and nurturing prospective clients.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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