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Andy Donaldson

Digital Marketing in Insurance | 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes happen, that’s how we marketers find out what works and, consequently, what doesn’t! But sometimes when you know about common mistakes to avoid, avoiding these mistakes can help you save time and money – you’re learning from others who have already made the mistakes.

These are the kinds of mistakes that aren’t worth making. We’ve pulled together three of the most common ones made by insurance brands time and time again.


You’re not utilising programmatic display advertising

A relative newcomer to the digital marketing mix, programmatic display advertising is one of the top converting channels for our insurance clients. It combines re-targeting with advanced prospecting based on ‘look-alike’ audience profiles that match customers that have shown real ‘purchase interest.’ These motivated buyers may have visited a number of insurance sites already and may have visited your site, too. This is where the ‘program’ can then target them with a piece of creative in real time, tempting them back to your site right there and then!

Your CMS doesn’t allow you access to conduct CRO tests

This is a problem we’ve witnessed very often within the insurance sector. With many content management systems (CMS) making it difficult, or impossible, for most insurance companies to access the coding of their site, they are unable to run details conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tests as a result.

At Hit search, we use software that avoids the need to access this code, enabling us to implement new tests without having to make amends to the live site. The only changes that need to then take place are those that have been proven to increase conversions and, therefore, policy volumes.

You don’t have a secure website

Without a secure website – a website starting with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’  - your insurance site could be missing out on a ranking boost, according to Search Engine Land. Aside from the search engine benefits, it’s important to build credibility and trust between your insurance company and any potential customers. Without a secure website, users will be hesitant to divulge their personal details and are, therefore, more likely to bounce straight off your site – never to return again…!

Uncover three more common mistakes made by insurance companies in our latest graphic here. Alternatively click here for more info on our advanced user testing and CRO processes.

6 deadly marketing mistakes made by insurance brands

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