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Helen Jackson

How To Improve Mobile Conversion Rates

Strengthen your mobile ecommerce offering with the help of the insights in this eBook!

Mistakes are common when you’re testing new conversion rate optimisation techniques, and some can’t be avoided. But there are some very common mistakes your fashion brand can try and avoid.

Here’s our 3 most common mobile conversion mistakes fashion brands make!

Grouping your desktop and mobile users together

Your desktop and mobiles users don’t use your site the same way, their purchasing habits probably differ immensely! So the quicker you start segmenting the two groups separately, the quicker you can start to build your mobile strategy correctly. With the mobile market rapidly developing and ever-expanding for the retail space, it’s important you prepare for the future of mobile shopping. Creating separate buyer personas to that of your desktop customers, could be a strong, pre-emptive move for your fashion brand to take.

Not creating a seamless shopping experience

Offering the user the chance to email their basket to themselves can really help integrate all your channels seamlessly, plus, it also helps keep that conversion on track! Some of your mobile users might use their smartphone for a bit of product comparison but then actually buy the product on their desktop. Making it easy for the user to glide between channels and devices should be something your brand is willing to implement to ensure you keep hold of those all-important sales!

Having a slow page load speed

According to Kissmetrics, a one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion, and 51% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error. These statistics should help certainly open your eyes to the importance of a mobile website that loads correctly in order to retain customer attention and improve the odds of obtaining a conversion. You can check your page load speed and receive some handy tips to help you make it load faster through using Google’s PageSpeed Insights test!

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