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Andy Donaldson

Outreach Tactics: Effective Outreach Methods & How To Outreach Effectively

Outreach marketing can have so many benefits for your legal firm, but even once you understand the benefits, then what? Where do you start and how do you know you’re not wasting your time?

So, we’ve gathered together what we believe to be the 3 most effective tactics to outreach your firm’s content…

most effective tactics to outreach your firm's content

Tactic number 1 – Don’t just email anyone

You need to do some research before you even start typing out that email. Setting out a variety of benchmark metrics can be a great start. Give yourself some outreach goals, for example, each site has to have high levels of social interaction, have updated their content regularly and, most importantly, they’re highly-relevant to your business and you know their demographic is your target market. So, when you’ve got your aims, you can start researching sites that meet that particular criteria.

Tactic number 2 – Personalisation is key

Legal bloggers, industry websites and legal magazines will all no doubt be receiving an overwhelming amount of emails regarding content requests, so you need to ensure you stand out. Personalising each and every email can take time, but it’s time that can be very well spent, particularly once you’ve honed in on the main authoritative legal sites. Basic details such as their name, asking whether their readers would be interested in that kind of content, and also mentioning similar posts on their site already, shows you’ve actually browsed the site and you’re genuinely interested to know whether their demographic would approve of the content and find it - above all else - useful!

Tactic number 3 – Check out your competitors outreach

If your competitors have outreached to a particular site, there is a higher chance that the site will accept a post from you too. Setting up Google Alerts for your competitors’ names can help you identify on a regular basis, where they’re outreaching their content to, and who is just simple picking their content up as a source of authority. This tactic can really help you out if you’re struggling to build reputable relationships.

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