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Jennifer Nixon

Christmas Instagram | Brands' Amazing Christmas Instagram Tags & Photos

At Hit Search, our expert retail team always keep one of their digital marketing ears close to the ground when it comes to social media trends. So, with many brands entering the battle to promote their products this Christmas, we’ve taken a closer look at some local, North West brands who are killing it on social media in the run up to the festive period.



  • Instagram Followers: 179,000
  • Instagram Account: @VeryUK


With over 150k followers; Very dabble in a little bit of everything when it comes to showing off their extensive range of products, and is a great example of how to use Instagram to showcase a diverse range of content.  

Very makes use of colourful quotes, video content and model shots, in addition to stunning flat lays of their products. By posting beyond just their products, Very is building the brand’s personality, and giving their follower base something to relate to.

What to take from Very: Not everything you post on Instagram needs to be a sales pitch in disguise, understanding your customers and what they relate to is key to a quality Instagram feed.

Scouse Bird Shop

  • Instagram Followers: 10,000
  • Instagram Account: @ScouseBirdShop


Liverpool’s ‘Scouse Bird’ has come a long way from her humble beginnings as a Twitter personality. Famous for her hilarious relatability and acute eye for current trends on social media, her social strategy for the Scouse Bird product range is no different.

With enticing video demonstrations, colour-popping product images and behind the scenes content on Instagram, the Scouse Bird Shop is a virtual treat for your eyes. From bath bombs to heat-reactive diaries, each post leaves you wanting to touch, smell and feel the latest product which is key to a successful marketing campaign.

What to take from Scouse Bird Shop: Video content is hugely popular, and there’s nothing customers love more than seeing their favourite products in action. After-all, there’s nothing better than a video that leaves you wanting more.

  • Instagram Followers: 13,000
  • Instagram Account: @BronzieUK


Combining lifestyle-inspiration, fun and girly product images and celebrity endorsements, Bronzie has used Instagram to really cement itself as a ‘wish-list’ product for women across the UK. Bronzie is also using their clean and aspirational Instagram feed as a base to interact directly with their customers and increase the level of customer engagement.

By reposting images of customers using the products, and tagging them directly, not only do Bronzie show their appreciation for their loyal fans, but they also subtly offer new customers the incentive of being featured on their official Instagram feed. This win-win strategy of incentive and reward helps to build the Bronzie fanbase, as more customers post their own product experience images in the hope of being featured.

What to take from Bronzie: Engagement is key to any successful social marketing campaign. By giving your customers a reason to get involved with the brand is a great way to keep your content fresh and your fanbase growing.

For more information on how to flood your Instagram with content that will entice your customers, get in touch with our Content Marketing team today on 0800 011 9715.

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