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Omni Channel Statistics | Omni Channel Retail & Marketing Statistics

Becoming an omni-channel brand is something almost every fashion retailer is aiming for, including brand names such as Schuh, Very, Oasis and Topshop. It’s not just the big players who can become an omni-channel brand, any fashion retailer can do it. It’s largely about understanding your audience and their touch points with your brand, and it’s also about cross-departmental communication, (amongst other things).

If you’re in the middle of planning your omni-channel strategy, or you’re still unsure whether your fashion brand should take the next steps, read out 6 omni-channel statistics below – they’re sure to help you make a decision!

omni-channel marketing for fashion retailers

It’s not just for those online-only brands

According to Business2Community, 71% of shoppers who use smartphones for research in-store say that it’s become an important part of the experience. This further highlights the importance of omni-channel for those brands with both an online presence and bricks and mortar stores. Consumers want to access your product information as they’re walking around your store, from prices and product availability to opening hours and special offers or deals.

How high is your basket abandonment rate?

According to the Multichannel Digital Marketing Report, 46% of organisations currently deliver poor customer experiences that end up in a basket abandonment. Imagine how many sales you could be missing out on just because your customer’s journey could do with some improvement! You need to stop viewing the customer’s journey through your own eyes and get the opinion of those who matter – your audience. Taking the time to address the issues raised most frequently, can help your brand decrease the rate of basket abandonment.

Increase channel integration in your campaigns

It was reported by Gartner Research, that campaigns integrating four or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%. This showcases the significance of a digitally comprehensive approach to all of your brand’s campaigns. Marketing your campaign through a variety of channels can help you put forward a united, more exposed campaign to your audience, increasing the chances of a higher number of conversions due to campaign awareness.

Are you at the stage of having to analyse your current channel performance? Or, perhaps you’re currently determining your cross-channel strategy? We’ve created a guide to omni-channel marketing for fashion retailers– access your FREE copy of the guide here.

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