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Andy Donaldson

3 on-site content ideas to adapt from top law firms

Your competitors should always be in your sights, and sometimes your best creative marketing ideas can be sparked by your competitors’ activities. So, we thought we’d highlight what some of the biggest firms in the country are employing so you can draw inspiration and influence your own content marketing efforts, hopefully for the better!

Even though some of these firms are the biggest in the UK, doesn’t mean you can’t scale down these ideas to compliment your own firm. So here's 3 on-site content ideas to adapt from top law firms!

3 on-site content ideas for your law firm, feature slider images

Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell’s ‘news & Media’ section, is a shining example of on-site content in action. Their approach to filtering the news posts by personal or by business will help users navigate this section with ease, hopefully resulting in their audience finding what they’re looking for much quicker. After each post, Irwin Mitchell also include an ‘expert opinion’ from a consultant, partner or other legal heavyweight to reinforce their authoritative stance within the sector.

Takeaway tip: Look to filtering your blog posts, perhaps by audience or topic. This will enhance the user experience journey through this section of your website and can also help you highlight the posts you feel are relevant to your audience.

Hill Dickinson

Hill Dickinson’s fantastic children’s calendar competition content idea is a great move, highlighting the firm as a family-friendly one, not only generates positive publicity around the firm’s name, but the user-generated content creates a buzz and a reason for visitors to flock to their website every month as each picture for the month ahead is revealed.

Takeaway tip: User-generated content is a great way to feature original content and get your audience involved with your firm. Make sure you feature this type of content across social media to further your brand exposure that little bit more!


Within their ‘latest’ tab, Gordons immediately welcome users to a featured image sliding header. This automatically catches the eye of the user, encouraging them to watch as the image rotates or manually flick through the top stories. Each image contains a catchy and clickable link and a bright, high-quality feature image. The posts contained within this sliding feature span a variety of topics, not all over-promoting their services. Some pertaining to their latest client work, a piece about their new apprentices and others.

Takeaway tip: Investing in high-quality images, if you are unable to take them yourself, can have a positive impact on your website. As HubSpot states, no stock photography will be as capable of conveying your brand or services the way that you want to. So, why bother?

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