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Helen Jackson

Persona Examples Marketing | Best Law Firm Marketing Tips

Building a persona from scratch can be a daunting task, but once you’ve streamlined your buyer personas, your firm can turn over a new leaf when it comes to marketing strategies. Persona marketing ensures your firm stays focused on its target audience, which, in turn, returns highly-relevant website visitors and therefore more chance of closing those leads into customers.

So here’s our 3 persona marketing tips for your law firm:

Use the data at your disposal

When you first come round to building your buyer personas for your firm, it’s important you take your time, gathering all useful and relevant data you might have collected over the past few years and analysing it. If you don’t have much data, don’t panic, you can use what you do have and make educated guesses with the rest, to fully-form your persona. As you continue to collect new data, you can re-inform your persona strategy, constantly updating your persona details like this, is what will keep your marketing current and focused on your correct target audience.

Don’t be afraid to approach your customers

Analysing numbers from past feedback surveys or website visitor data, is important, however, it’s also important you don’t just solely focus on this aspect of data. You need to conduct primary research into your current and past customer database. Asking your customers what kinds of problems they needed answers to when researching legal services, or what, if any, dubious thoughts they had about working with your firm, can really give a realistic element to your buyer personas. Knowing what journey your current customers went through to eventually find you is imperative to your future marketing strategies.

Focus on the area of customers that generate the biggest revenue first

This may seem obvious, but many firms spread themselves too thinly when it comes to creating personas. It’s can be easy to get caught up in persona marketing, as you start to build one you think, ‘I’ll finish this and then move straight on to the next one’. Even though it is the end goal to produce as many personas as your firm’s audience demands, it’s important to focus on one at a time and really understand the process and then build and implement a strategy, measure that strategy, and then proceed onto the next persona.

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