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Matthew Crehan

PPC For Law Firms | 3 PPC mistakes law firms need to avoid

Using PPC to advertise your legal firm on Google and Bing is one of the most competitive marketing strategies, depending on your location and legal speciality you could be paying anywhere from £5 to over three figures per click. But done correctly PPC can be a powerful tool to generate new leads and create new business for your firm.  In this post, we’ll identify three major mistakes that most legal firms make when using pay per click campaigns.

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PPC mistakes your law firm needs to avoid today to have a successful campaign!

An unfocused keyword strategy

Keyword research is the first step in any successful PPC campaign, but more often than not legal firms fail to at this first hurdle, simply targeting broad and generic terms. When conducting your keyword research you really need to think about what and how exactly your ideal client searches the web.

The issue is that most legal marketers think that when conducting their keyword research they should be answering the question “what does my firm do?” which the answer is probably “family law, divorce, personal injury, litigation and bankruptcy” so basically a bit of everything.

But instead what you should be answering is “what type of case produces the most revenue?” or “what type of case do we want to expand on?” Here you’ve just narrowed down massively what areas of keywords you want to target. Then it is a matter of looking at what your ideal client searches for, focusing on long tail keywords which provide a more precisely targeted audience.


Poor ad copy

Your ad copy is, of course, vital to the success of your firm’s PPC campaign and the biggest mistake that most make is not writing effective copy. First of all, you want your ad copy to stand out from the search page so use statistics in the title and body of your ads and if possible try and include a client quote.

Next, ensure your ad title includes the keywords you want to target as well as displaying them in the ads display URL. This ensures you are showing your audience that your ad is relevant to their search. You also want to include a strong and clear call to action which provides value to your potential clients so as to show them that you can help them solve the issue they are facing.


Forgetting your landing pages

So your ad did its job and got your audience from the search page to your firm’s website, but what now? Well, your client needs to arrive on clear conversion focused landing page; the issue is that this is often forgotten with ads simply linking through to service pages or even just the homepage.

To begin with, you should craft your landing page so as to have no form navigation other than the call to action form submission button, after all, that is the only thing you want your potential client to click.

Next make sure your landing page’s title mirrors that of the ad the user clicked, this reassures your audience that they have arrived at the correct page. Utilise bullet points to outline what exactly is included in your offer be it to simply download an eBook or to request a free case consultation.

And finally your conversion form needs to be kept simple, don’t ask for lots of information, as long as the user submits you’ll have plenty of other times to get more information in the future. Focus on the name and a single form of contact be it email, for something like a download, and phone number if your offer is something you’d need to speak to them about such as arranging a consultation. If your firm is within the B2B sector then you’ll also want to ask for the company name and individual’s role at that business.

 Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

So there you go three major mistakes that many legal firms make when creating their PPC campaigns but if you avoid them then you’ll see a strong ROI for your campaigns and generate new leads and business for your firm.

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