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Helen Jackson

The Reasons Why Understanding Your Target Audience Is Important

In short, without even attempting to understand your firm’s audience your digital marketing will lack focus and you won’t ever see that return on investment you’re looking for. We discuss three reasons why knowing your firm’s audience is key to the success of your digital marketing and the growth of your firm.

3 reasons why knowing your firm's audience is the key to success

Understanding their challenges can help you empathise

Learning what makes your audience tick, what their common objections to legal representation are and what barriers are stopping them from picking up that phone and discussing their case with your firm, are all questions that, when answered, your firm garners a powerful insight to the inner-workings of your ideal client’s mind.

We’re not saying you should be a mind reader, but knowing what questions to ask your audience and what to do with the answers you find, can go a long way to establishing exactly how you can begin to empathise with your audience, both through the content you produce and the way all members of your firm approach new cases and potential clients.

You don’t waste time on pointless marketing tactics

Once you understand your audience that bit more you can start to narrow down exactly which digital marketing tactics work well when trying to engage and inform them about the wider picture concerning legal representation.

They’ll still be some initial marketing tactics that might not bring the return on investment you were hoping for, but now that you know who you’re trying to target – every mistake or slightly less successful campaign is a steep learning curve in the right direction. Once you’ve trialled and tested the digital marketing tactics relevant to capture the eye of your audience, you’ll have a much more detailed understanding of what works best for your firm.

Trialling and testing these tactics with your audience constantly at the forefront of your mind, will ensure your firm stays focused on the digital techniques solely relevant for your particular audience. This way, as time goes on, you’ll not be wasting energy and resources on those blanket marketing strategies you might have been focusing on previously. Mass marketing will only create more work for your marketing team and, in the long run, will not reap the targeted benefits that you’ll receive if you take the time to truly understand your audience and their motivations for enquiring about legal representation.

You can convert your audience easier

Just imagine, if you had a barrier to purchasing a specific service, and you read about how a particular service provider could alleviate those fears, you’d feel more confident about potentially purchasing, or at least enquiring about the service from that service provider, right?

If your firm is aware of the problems your audience face and was to address these fears indirectly through content marketing tactics, your audience is much more likely to convert. Whether a conversion is calling to talk through your services, filling out an enquiry form or even just signing up for your monthly newsletter - grabbing the user’s initial attention lays the foundations on which you can start to build a rapport with this potential client. First impressions are important – remember that.

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how to understand your potential legal clients

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