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Best Call To Action Buttons Words & Colour

Calls-to-action (CTAs) can take the form of a text link, an image or a button, and serve as the link between a web page and a relevant offer your business has created. Normally placed on web pages, blog posts or content offers, these CTAs can help pull your users down the marketing funnel and persuade them to part with highly useful information in exchange for an interesting and informative offer. This useful information is information your business can then use to nurture the contact through email marketing until they’re ready to purchase your services or products.

why your CTAs are failing to deliver results for your business

Your CTA isn’t as visible as you think

If your call-to-action only features below the fold of your website pages, you’ve decreased the chances of conversions immediately. According to heat map analysis, anything below the fold of your web page will only be viewed by 50% of the people who are visiting that page.

Why not make them much more visible and increase chances of a conversion by placing your CTAs both above and below the fold of your web page?

Your CTA leads the user somewhere irrelevant

Even if you’re just linking every CTA to your homepage – you’re not giving the user clear direction. You need to ensure your CTAs are linked to a dedicated landing page. This landing page needs to mirror the language you’ve used on your CTA, and preferably if you’ve used and images, use the same imagery on you landing page too.

If you continue linking the user to your homepage, you may as well not have a specific CTA. The user has clicked on your CTA for a reason, so don’t confuse them, just keep their experience on your site simple!

You aren’t making use of your thank you pages

What do your thank you pages say? We’d assume they say ‘thank you’ to the user for whatever action they’ve just completed. Are you using this page to promote any of your other offers that might be of interest to this particular user?

Just because they’ve converted on this particular offer, doesn’t mean they won’t find your next offer enticing too. Try and place the next level offer on this page; something that will move them further down the funnel and closer to purchasing your services or products!

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