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Andy Donaldson

How To Generate More Leads From Your Website | How To Increase Leads

In order for your law firm to sustain growth and increase revenue, you need to invest time in content marketing tactics. Acquiring highly-quality, relevant leads in a natural capacity is, or should be the ultimate goal of your content marketing campaigns. If you’re already employing a variety of content marketing efforts and you haven’t yet witnessed lead generation results, it could be down to any of following 3 reasons.

Here's 3 reasons your firm's content isn't generating leads!

3 reasons your firm isn't generating leads

1. Your content marketing has no purpose

You might think that the purpose of your campaign is to generate leads, and although you’re not wrong, this shouldn’t be your primary focus, not outwardly at least. Your main objective is to help your target market realise they need your services. You can’t approach your content marketing campaigns with a ‘gung-ho’ attitude and hope some of the content sticks and brings leads nicely to your door, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Ensure your legal content marketing campaigns have an aim, and that aim should be apparent through all your content marketing efforts, through content production, blogger outreach and social media stages, your campaign needs to be unified to ensure the best possible results are returned for your law firm.

2. You’ve only employed content marketing sporadically

For content marketing to be most effective you need to constantly keep producing new, relevant and interesting content – If you think it’s pointless or boring, then don’t bother sharing it; your audience won’t enjoy it either! You then need to promote your content effectively, again, on a constant basis, whether you promote your content across unpaid social channels, paid social promotion, blogger outreach, email marketing or a mix of all four and more. Take it from us the results you’ll get are worth the perseveration.

For your firm’s blog to be the most effective it can be you need to update it around 2-3 times per week, try to stick to this figure as often as possible. On top of this you need to then look to produce unique pieces of content for blogger outreach purposes, you don’t want to go to all this effort to then be penalised by Google for duplicate content, do you?

3. Your goals aren’t realistic

Content marketing results aren’t instant, as mentioned in the previous point, it can take time but as we’ve said, it’s worth it. If your expectation were high (and unrealistic), such as obtaining a handful of warm legal leads within the first few weeks after kicking off your content marketing campaign, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’ve managed to secure new customers through it already, then, fantastic – you must be producing top notch content!

You will need to manage expectations going forward within your team. You shouldn’t expect too much in terms of new leads within the first few months. It’s not like a paid search campaign, where you begin to see results almost immediately. Remember that!

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