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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Law Firms | Law Firm CRO

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a fairly new marketing field but it should be one that every legal marketer is obsessed with. CRO lets you see exactly how your website is performing and identify what you need to test to increase conversions and generate new cases for your firm, therefore increasing revenue and profits. But if that isn’t enough of a reason for why you should care so much about conversion rate optimistaion then check out these three reasons below.

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 3 reasons your law firm should be obsessed with conversion rate

More clients

The first reason your firm should be obsessed with conversion rate optimisation is that by optimising your legal site you can provide a great user experience for your potential claimants. This allows you to help engage and move potential clients through your conversion funnel and into new busines cases for your firm.


Understand your clients

By conducting CRO tests you gain invaluable data both quantitative and qualitative on how your potential claimants interact and behave on your legal website.

This data can be really useful for a number of reasons from optimising page elements such as your headlines, CTA buttons, or page layout to helping you know what types of content your audience engages with most be it blogs, podcasts or videos.

Knowing all of this allows you to build a strategy to optimise your website with these findings in mind and increase your conversion rate.


Reduce Risk

By gathering data on the performance of your legal website and the behaviour of your potential clients you can begin to make informed decisions on how best to optimise your website instead of guessing what might work. This reduces the risk in making changes to your firm’s website and by utilising CRO testing processes such as A/B testing you can provide an insurance policy in case your testing doesn’t perform well. Allowing you to simply change back to the original, before testing a different variation to optimise your website.

 Legal Podcast 2 - Gathering data for your CRO strategy

So there you go three great reasons why your legal firm needs to become obsessed with your conversion rate if you want to grow your practice and bring in new cases.


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