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Helen Jackson

Why PPC Is Important | Why Do PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a digital marketing channel your firm should be utilising in order to stay competitive in the industry. We discuss 3 simple reasons why your firm should set up a PPC campaign.

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3 simple reasons why your firm should set up a PPC campaign

You only pay when someone clicks your ad

Hence the term ‘pay-per-click’, you’re not wasting any money. It’s as simple as that. Even if it’s users who aren’t relevant that are clicking on your ad, yes that’s a waste of your money, but that’s where refining your campaigns comes into play. It’s important for you to continually optimise every aspect of your campaign, from keyword bids to ad copy, you figure out why your ad isn’t getting in front of your target audience and you fix it.

You’re in charge of your budget, always

You’ve decided you think you’re wasting money, so while you investigate you can always pause your campaign. Or you’d like to advertise over all seven days, not just the business week of Monday to Friday but you want to keep the same budget, no problem, just adjust your spend accordingly over the seven days. It’s a completely controllable channel for your law firm, and results are returned a lot quicker than they would through search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

The data you gather can help other channels

The data you collect from your PPC campaigns is invaluable for informing other channels. You’ll know which keywords are most frequently used and which keywords are bringing the most relevant traffic to your firm’s site. This is great insight, insight that can help everything from your on-site content strategy to building or re-shaping your SEO campaigns.

Don’t be fooled, PPC isn’t easy! You have to be on top of every aspect of your campaign, to tweak and optimise little bits here and there - ensuring your firm is getting the best possible results for the money invested. It’s a skill you can work on, download our paid advertising guide for law firms to help you get started.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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