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Social Media Tips For Law Firms | Law Firm Social Media Campaign

Whether your firm has just dabbled in social media in the past, or whether you’re a dab hand, it’s always handy to pick up a few tips here and there. You never know, it might spark a socially creative idea for your firm!

We discuss 3 simple social media tips for law firms, below.

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check out these 3 simple social media tips for law firms

Highlight your firm’s expertise

The key with this tip is to not take it overboard. Don’t overly promote your business; no one likes a company that are only interested in pushing their own services. But, do draw attention to your expertise in your profile biography and throughout the theme of your social posts. Whether you specialise in personal injury claims, or family law, your firm needs to outwardly highlight this, alongside your USP, throughout all of your social media channels.

Extra tip: Share relevant news to your particular sector niche, and share links to helpful articles, whether they’re positioned on your site or someone else’s – sharing is caring!

Automate posts when you can

If you haven’t got a dedicated social media manager (most firms don’t), then consider scheduling posts in advance. Sure, it can take a little time to write them in bulk, but it’ll save you time throughout the week. You need to maintain a steady stream of content on your social accounts, you don’t want people thinking you’re socially unreliable. What’s the point in having asocial media channel if you’re not updating it regularly, becoming virtually uncontactable to any potential clients.

Extra tip: Check out social media scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite or SproutSocial, to really get a grip on social automation!

Mix up the content you share

Just sharing links to blog post, after blog post, will become repetitive for your followers. Have you thought about testing engagement levels with content including quizzes, competitions, infographics or maybe video marketing? There are so many content formats out there, it’s time for your law firm to experiment! You never know, creating a fun, shareable and more importantly, relevant, quiz with your followers, might give your firm a massive boost of brand exposure. You never know, you might get new business off the back of it!

Extra tip: Check out the competition, what are they sharing and has it received a lot of attention? Check out free quiz tools such as Boombox or the Online Quiz Creator, for some inspiration.

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