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Andy Donaldson

Best Social Media Management Tools

As a marketer in the fashion industry, you’re aiming to obtain those all-important conversions for your brand. But, with social media having grown rapidly in recent years, you need to understand the impact your fashion brand is having in the social sphere. Measuring success through your multiple social channels and finding what elements can be best optimised for those conversion, can be tricky. At Hit Search, we find handy tools can make measuring social success and brand interaction that little bit easier.

So, here are some of the best!


Measure URL social shares with Share Tally

Share Tally is a great way to monitor blog posts or product page popularity over social media. The tool gathers data from over 20 different social channels including main stream channels such as Facebook and Twitter to others including StumbleUpon, Pinterest and ScoopIt. This can help you understand what channels a particular product page is most popular on, helping you to continually analyse your social audience.

Monitor social interaction and engagement with Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a great and free of charge analytics platform. Giving you fantastic ‘at a glance’ monthly summaries. The summary highlights important statistics such as how many new followers your account gained/lost that month, top tweet for impressions, top mention, amongst others. The platform also gives you a 28 day summary at the very top of the dashboard. This summary helps you understand the statistics in comparison with the previous 28 day period with the addition of a percentage for each statistic. A great platform to help you analyse your Tweet and overall brand exposure!

Keep an eye on competitor social accounts with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a free social media management platform and enables you to monitor and interact with your audiences using just one dashboard. Setting up dedicated competitor streams to monitor the competitions, ensures you’re always on top of industry news (and competitor news!). It can be so easy to fall behind in the fashion industry, so ensure you’re at the top of your social media game with Hootsuite.

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