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Andy Donaldson


Usability is an important factor when making a user friendly website for your legal firm. In a recent study carried out by HubSpot, they found that 75% of respondents said that they rank ease of use as the most important factor when designing a website. So in this blog we’ll discuss three ways you can make your legal firm’s website user friendly.

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One of the most important ways you can give users a friendly and helpful experience on your website is through content. By building your website around your visitors and producing engaging content, you can help solve your user’s challenges and establish a feeling of trust. A great tip for your content is to make sure it is easy to scan, as most internet users tend to skim text, so by keeping paragraphs short, using bullet points and presenting material in more digestible chunks will allow visitors to quickly skim and pick out the most relevant posts to them.


A friendly user experience doesn’t just mean giving visitors the content they want, but it also means letting them find it easily. The best way to do this is through a clear and clean navigation. To begin simply reduce the amount of options you provide in your navigation, while being consistent across the whole of your site. When creating navigation from within content try to be strategic with its placement for example place call-to-actions after the first paragraph and at the end of your content. This allows users to navigate to a different page if either the content they are on doesn’t seem relevant after the first couple lines or they enjoyed the content and are ready to take the next step.


In a busy and active world, time management is important to everyone so something that is a massive hindrance to your user’s experience is slow website performance. Numerous things can cause a reduction in your websites speed such as large video files, flash content or large numbers of redirects. Therefore look to minimise the size of videos and the amount of flash content you use on your website. In terms of the redirect issue, check that all of your internal links are correct and reach out to external linkers and ask if they would be happy to change their link destination to the new page, so that you don’t need to keep the redirect in place.

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And there you go three tips to help you build a user friendly website for your legal firm. If you want to learn more about website usability then check out this blog 10 user experience mistakes you should avoid

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