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Andy Donaldson

LinkedIn Marketing Tips | How To Market On LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful social media channel for legal firms, especially those within the business to business (B2B) sector. LinkedIn can enable your firm to connect, listen and engage with your ideal clients. So whether you’re a LinkedIn expert or just starting out, here are three tips for boosting your firm’s LinkedIn presence.

3 tips for boosting your firm's LinkedIn presence

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

More often than not legal marketers forget to optimise their own profiles, let alone their company’s profile. LinkedIn is a business network, so ideally, you want any board members, partners, solicitors and client facing sales team members to have an optimised LinkedIn profile. Which parts of your profile do you need to optimise? You need to clearly state what the firm specialise in, where they’re predominantly based, and don’t forget to include your firm’s contact details. The same should be done for your personal profiles. Encourage as many firm employees as possible to share interesting content from your firm; the more support you have on LinkedIn from employees, the wider your brand exposure on this channel - Sharing really is caring!

Network with other business professionals

LinkedIn offers a number of ways for your firm to network with potential clients and industry leaders, alike. LinkedIn is a professional business network, so what better place online to network with fellow legal professionals? Commenting within LinkedIn groups, or creating your own group, can be a great way to boost your firm’s exposure within the social community. Participating in these groups can help your firm build industry authority by provoking thought and opinion amongst the group.

Post on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is an online publishing tool integrated into LinkedIn; here you can share your firm’s top performing content with a wider audience. Why bother publishing to this platform? Well, put simply, publishing your content to your blog isn’t enough and LinkedIn Pulse already has a large established readership. So why not share repurposed content that has already proven to convert your site visitors? A great way to expand your readership, with only a small amount of effort.

Don’t forget to tag your blog post with keywords your audience are searching for, this will only increase the chances of them naturally finding it!

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