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Helen Jackson

Black Friday Tips for Retailers | Black Friday Marketing Strategy

Black Friday, originally an American tradition, has floated over the pond and seeped into our Great British High Street. And we love it. Bargains left, right and centre. Shopping until we drop; a great time for consumers. For the fashion brands? Well, it can be a very stressful time. What are your competitors doing? Have you promoted your offers enough? Can your site take an influx of customers? Argh.

Just relax, as we’ve gathered together 3 great tips to help you get your brand in shape for those looming Friday sales!

3 tips for getting your brand in shape for Black Friday

Tip #1 – Create internal brand guidelines

You probably assume your staff know what they’re doing on the day, but regardless of whether your brand has taken part in Black Friday sales before, you need to run through basic processes. Do your staff know how to handle an influx of enquiries or complaints? If you have a physical store and an online store, are your customer service responses and stock levels synergistic? It’s so important you reinforce brand continuity, it might be a day filled with panic, but if your fashion brand remains calm, coherent and can pull off an amazing customer experience, you just know they’ll come back for more.

Tip #2 – Don’t forget your existing customer database

You might have focused your promotional time and effort on the wider audience, but don’t forget about your already loyal customers! They like to feel loved. Make sure you utilise those marketing emails as much as possible to this existing database. Maybe offering an exclusive discount code for them, or offering them a chance to enter an exclusive Black-Friday-themed competition. There’s a high chance your customers will take advantage of your bargains, you already know they like your products!

Tip #3 – Have stock contingency plans

So you sell out of a dress REALLY quickly, that’s great! But anyone who clicks on that dress now will go to an out-of-stock page. To minimise disappointment, your brand could offer the customer the chance to have the item delivered at a later date, or simply just send them an email once the item is back in stock again. If you can’t afford to offer it at the original Black Friday discount, offer a smaller discount, or highlight a similar product. Make the most of all this traffic coming to your website. You can’t please everyone but you can try pleasing a large majority!

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