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Helen Jackson

Law Firm Twitter Tips

With over 300 million users, Twitter is a social media platform your firm needs to actively embrace. Each social media channel is different when it comes to interacting with your community, so how does it work for Twitter? Here’s our top 3 tips for interacting with your firm’s audience through Twitter.

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Interact with your firm's audience through Twitter

Search for key influencers in the legal industry and see who follows them

This is a great place to start on Twitter. If you’re new to the channel, at least in a professional sense, then branching out to key influencers is a great stepping stone to building your legal community. Even though the key influencers could possibly be competitors of your firm, it’s important to elevate your presence amongst the competitive industry. You want to be taken as a serious competitor. On the other side, finding out who follows these industry influencers and following them from your firm’s account is a gateway to start interacting with like-minded individuals and perhaps, future clients.

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Conduct some preliminary research into keywords and hashtags

Finding out which hashtags are popular within your industry, what keywords are used to attract the highest engagement and what kind of content seems to create the biggest buzz within your industry, is research that will help you shape your Twitter strategy. Simply tweeting words about something you find interesting, but perhaps your follows wouldn’t is something you should steer clear of. Try to include two relevant hashtags, a direct link to the content you’re sharing and an image. These three elements could help increase engagement levels amongst your tweets.

Look to the competition to spark creative ideas

Looking to the competition for ideas should be something you do throughout your marketing channels – not just social media. You don’t have to look at direct competition, even if it’s a law firm who specialise in an area completely different to yours, you can still learn a lot from how they interact with their social audience. Scroll back through their profile, what tweets seem to attract the most likes and retweets? Could you create something similar for your firm? Take a look at our great Twitter post example from DLA Piper in this guide here.

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