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Social Media Reputation | Social Media & Company Reputation

Social media isn’t just about posting interesting and relevant content for your followers, it’s also about boosting awareness and making sure your firm stands out from the crowd for the right reasons. Managing your reputation on social media, can be tricky.

For example, a complaint made by email might not make it into the public domain, but a negative review or tweet? It started off in the public domain, so it’s almost guaranteed that your social community will witness it. You can’t stop people complaining, but you can tackle any negative comments or complaints surrounding your law firm in a professional manner.

We discuss 3 tips for managing your firm’s reputation on social media.

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Always respond to negative comments

Unless they’re offensive or spam-related comments, do not delete your negative comments. Your firm needs to stand up and respond adequately to every comment. Many businesses suggest to the person who has made the comment, to message them privately to resolve the issue. While this is a necessary move if complaint requires bank details or client account details, refrain from taking every negative conversation out of the public domain. If you manage to resolve the complaint offline, how will your community know if you’ve amicably resolved it?

You need to highlight that your firm is capable of resolving issues, apologising when necessary; being able to tackle these kinds of complaints, can illustrate your firm in a favourable light.

Search for your firm online

By searching for news surrounding your firm on a regular basis through Google, and a variety of review sites, you can minimise the impact of bad press, by tackling it as soon as it breaks. Some people won’t come directly to your firm to complain, so it’s a worthwhile exercise, to seek out any unresolved complaints or issues past clients have had with your firm.

If you’re using the social media management platform, Hootsuite, they offer a free app you can download for your platform. The app is called Reputology, and allows your firm to monitor a whole host of review sites including, Yelp, Google and Facebook.

Share your reputation management strategy

By share, we mean internally, of course. It’s important that any employee on the customer service front line, understands how to tackle any negative comments or direct complaints about your firm. Your complaint procedure should be consistent across channels, so make sure your social customer service follows suit. Outlining exactly how staff should handle different situations on social media, can ensure complaints don’t escalate any further.

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