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Helen Jackson

Multichannel Customer Experience Management | Multi Channel Journey & Enagement

If you’re communicating with your customers through a variety of channels, you’re a multichannel marketer, but you probably knew that already… Even if you are communicating with your audience across multiple channels, that doesn’t mean you’re doing so effectively. As a retailer, you need to make the most of all communications between your brand and your customer. So we share our three tips to effectively communicate with the multichannel customer!


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Tip #1: Make sure social communication is a two-way thing

If you’re just pushing out social media posts, one after the other and not interacting with your customers or even taking the time to thank them for sharing a post, your communication becomes a one-sided affair. Building a connection with your audience takes time, but once you’ve got it, it’s definitely worth it. You need to step back to view the bigger picture. If you take the time and effort to truly interact with your social audience, the more recognised it becomes!

Tip #2: Personalise your communication when it’s appropriate

If a user has interacted with your brand, for example, filled in a contact form on your site or purchased an item through a like 2 buy link and you have access to their first name, personalising your email correspondence to that person, can help you make their user experience that little bit better. You can even take the personalisation one step further by greeting them when they return to your website. This small changes can help the user create a connection with your brand.

Tip #3: Don’t just talk to your customers, listen!

Customers like to know they’re valued, and what better way to show them you value them by listening to their suggestions and overall brand feedback and then implementing some of those changes? Sending a feedback survey to your entire customer database, obtaining honest and reliable feedback, is a mutually beneficial task. Finding out what they dislike about your site can help inform your strategy and ultimately improve user experience. Don’t forget to highlight your changes to your survey participants, this way they’ll know their views are valued.

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