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Helen Jackson

3 Tips to engage the omni-channel customer

Engaging your customers across multiple channels can be a difficult task. Customer buying habits have changed massively over the past few years and are continuing to alter, so just how do you manage to keep today’s omni-channel customer engaged at all times? Here are our three top tips to engage the omni-channel customer.


#1 Marketing automation through email

Marketing automation is a big ecommerce trend for 2016 and it’s tactics like these that can help build and shape your customer journey outside of your website or mobile app. From automating your social media posts to automatic emails triggered by the actions of the customer through your site, can really help enhance the user’s experience with your brand. Marketing automation using email, can help convert users in situations from basket abandonment to lack of interaction with the brand for a certain period of time. Gently reminding your customers of their last purchase can help reconnect the customer, leading to a higher chance of conversion.

#2 Attribute value to touchpoints

If you correctly measure and analyse your customer touchpoints, you’ll be able to understand the customer journey in more depth. Understanding this journey will help you to engage with your customers at the most crucial points leading up to a purchase. There are a number of different attribution models you can employ, so once you’ve decided on the best model for you, you’re ready to start analysing your customer’s behaviour, the most useful information possible to truly engage them throughout the buying process.

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#3 Collect customer feedback

Conducting customer surveys can be a great way to obtain honest feedback from the people who matter most. You need to adopt an iterative approach to all aspects of your marketing, from your user experience design right down to your processes. If you’re not willing to amend the layout of your site or your marketing tactics to suit the customers’ needs, then you’re never going to completely engage with your customer. If you find you’re getting a lot of the same negative feedback, then this feedback is valuable when it comes to informing your future strategies.

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