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Helen Jackson

3 tips to engage your fashion brand's mobile customer

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Engaging any customer across any device can be difficult. But the mobile user has so many modern-day distractions, so it’s not long before they’ve abandoned their basket and have even forgotten they were shopping in the first place. It’s important that as a fashion brand, you address these problems and conquer distractions once and for all!

Here’s our 3 tips to engage your fashion brand's mobile customer!

3 tips to engage your mobile customer

Become omni-present

Ok, so it’s a little ridiculous to think about placing your brand at every turn, but your brand should certainly pop up when it’s appropriate in the buyer’s journey, giving the illusion of omni-presence. There are so many different channels for the mobile user to interact with your brand through, so it’s crucial you’re aware and present on each channel that has a chance of assisting conversions for your store.

Dedicate some time to personal communication

Personal communication can go a long way, and can help build trust and genuine relationships between the customer and your brand. From sending bloggers personal gifts, to even just messaging a follower back on Twitter with a more heartfelt message than ‘Thanks!’ Making the time, even if it’s just once a week, can go further than you think, it can also help make your brand more human and personable!

Make checkout fast and simple

Making the mobile customer journey simple in every respect is important to minimise basket abandonment. The less distractions on your mobile site the higher the chance of the mobile user converting. Get rid of obstacles such as the account creation step before they checkout, couple it will easy payment methods such as PayPal and you’ve got yourself a sure fire way to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

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