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Best Fashion Content Marketing | Fashion Content Writing Strategy

There are many reasons why your fashion brand requires a strong and consistent content marketing strategy. For example, high-quality and shareable content can help your brand emerge as an industry authority. Content marketing can also help you increase your overall brand presence, putting your brand’s expert opinions out there for all to see. And, we all know increased positive brand awareness can unlock your conversion and revenue potential.

You should be constantly looking to improve your content strategy. That’s why we hope the following 3 tips can help you improve your fashion brand’s content marketing strategy.

3 tips to improve your fashion content marketing strategy

1. Stick to your brand guidelines

If you don’t already have a brand guideline PDF to share with your internal teams, you should think about creating one. Consistency can be a big downfall when implementing a content marketing strategy. If your team aren’t sure exactly how to reply to complaints, the tone of voice they should use to best catch the eye of your target market or even the underlying message you’re trying to deliver to readers, your content marketing strategy will slowly fall apart. Stay consistent with those brand guidelines to build a recognisable brand personality.

2. Get more visual and experimental with content

It was reported by Forbes that 94% of content with visuals get more total views than textual content. Breaking up blog posts or articles with images and increased whitespace, is much more appealing to your readers than a straightforward block of text. Content isn’t just about articles, blog posts and press releases, though. Content comes in all kinds of different forms from, video and quizzes, to infographics and much more. So, how can you leverage different forms of content for your fashion brand? It’s basically trial and error. But the more you trial different pieces, the more of an idea you’ll get for what works with your audience and what doesn’t.

3. Segment your content marketing audience

You might already have a content marketing strategy in place, but are you just writing the content for anyone, or are you segmenting your audience? Writing content aimed at a particular persona segment is the best way to engage your audience. If you’re writing generic content that doesn’t really appeal to anyone, there is a higher chance that no one will engage and interact with your content and, of course, you’re wasting staff time, writing content with no real objective or goal in mind. After you’ve segmented your audience, think about what it is they’d find interesting based on what they’ve purchased in the past. This way, your content will have much more of a purpose!

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