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Whether you’re designing an entirely new mobile site or you’re implementing a mobile-responsive design, it’s important you don’t overlook basic conversion rate killers and mobile design faux pas.

We’ve gathered a few together, so here’s 3 tips to keep in mind when designing your mobile fashion site!

3 tips to keep in mind when designing your mobile site

Think with your thumb in mind

A good rule of thumb, is to think with your thumb! Apologies for that, but it is important to remember that on a desktop you use a mouse and there’s normally a hand icon that pops up when you hover over a link. Well, this doesn’t happen on a mobile device. Also thumbs aren’t as easy to navigate with when clicking on small icons or icons that are embedded right next to another. It’s just frustrating when you go to click ‘checkout’ and you end up at the product landing page again. You need to make your mobile customer’s journey nice and frustration-free!

Don’t forget to take the buying journey yourself

Trying to picture what the mobile buyers journey will look like, over what it actually looks like and how it performs are completely different scenarios. We suggest literally taking the route to purchase. Make observations along the way, noting down anything you found annoying, or perhaps elements you realise are missing from the desktop that you really think should be more prominent on the mobile site. For example how easy was it to find the same item on your mobile site to how you found it using a desktop computer?

Re-visit the layout of your content

Simply copying over all content from your desktop site to your mobile site isn’t always a good fit for the mobile user. You need to keep reminding yourself that the size of their screen is a lot smaller and that they’ll be scrolling down, so suddenly a short paragraph becomes almost an essay on screen. Think about bullet-pointing product descriptions, making it easy for the mobile user to skim read without getting bogged down in paragraph after paragraph.

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