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Andy Donaldson

Brand Consistency | Why Brand Consistency Matters Across Channels

If you’re only just embarking upon your journey toward becoming a truly omni-channel brand, you might think that it’ll be simple to keep your brand consistent, but it’s actually more difficult than you might think. If you’re making the shift from a single-channel or multi-channel fashion brand, all of a sudden delivering brand consistency regardless of device or channel can be overwhelming. With customer expectations higher than ever before, you need to ensure your brand is fully equipped for the job! So, here are our 3 tips to help you maintain brand consistency.

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Create a shareable brand guideline document

Creating a comprehensive, shareable document containing all of your basic brand guidelines, is a must if you have a variety of employees looking after your social channels. Why go to all that effort? You need to make sure your responses are standardised to a point. And by standardised, we don’t mean robotic. In fact, it’s important to show off the brand’s personality. When we say a standardised response, we’re referring to the content of information given out. If you deem a particular customer the right to obtain a refund, but then another customer receives apposing advice through your live chat customer service, this inconsistency will anger your customers.

Don’t forget to reinforce your USP

We’re not suggesting you take every opportunity to push your USP into the face of all visitors. But, your USP should be clear to the user when they’re browsing your site. Whether it’s positioned in your tag line, your feature images or your brand values, you need to make sure that what sets you aside is clearly presented to your audience. Keeping your USP consistent throughout your marketing channels, can help strengthen your brand’s voice within your industry. The more often your brand is associated with its USP, will hopefully equate to more people remembering for it!

Keep your design elements consistent

Whether it’s your logo, the colours used or the kind of product images you’ve used across your site, you need to keep all design elements and functions consistent. Not only will you want your logo to be synonymous with your brand wherever it crops up, but your users will find your site easier to use if you have implemented the same product image structure across all sections of the site – they’ll know what to expect!

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